What We Do

  • Delivers the Product and Customized Training.
  • Provides the Services for existing installation of Automation, Instrumentation & Electrical in terms of modification, troubleshooting, and maintenance.
  • Testing & Calibration Services for the field instruments according to the International standard.
  • Offers and executes Annual Maintenance Contracts to ensure the continuity of the pro equipments.
  • Supplies the Global renowned Automation Systems parts of PLC/SCADA, RTU and Field Instruments such as Transmitters, Gauges, Control valves, Switches, Flowmeters from reputed make.
  • Deploys Engineering Resources.
  • Delivers the Product and Customized Training.

Automation Systems

Industrial Automation is a compulsory need of every plant and process globally in this 21st century. As more and more industrial development takes place and technology evolving with the time, more emphasis given to the automation and process control. United Technical Service WLLhas the deep domain knowledge and expertees in the field of automation and instrumentation. Hence United Technical Service WLLwill be a preferred choice interms of combined package of automation with instrumentation together , expertees, delivery, quality and cost effectiveness. United Technical Service WLLalways choose the right solution to their customer with the quality and cost as main parameters. We are well aware of that once the Automation System along with its Instrumentation is installed and comissioned should serve its shelf life of 10 to 15 years with the minimal maintenance, upgrade and routine monitoring.UTS applies methodical and innovative tools for the design, devlopment and deployment of the automation systems and instrumentation.

Services we offer

PLC/RTU based Panel Design, Build, Installation and Commissioning.

SCADA Systems Design, Installation and Commissioning.

Level 2 Automation Software Design, Installation and Commissioning.

Servo Drive based Application Design, Build, Installation and Commissioning.

Standard VFD, DC-based Drive Application Design, Build , Installation, Integration and Commissioning.
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